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Regardless of your needs, Zalkin can provide you with the suitable capping machine.

None of the machines in the range presented below corresponds exactly to your expectations? Then we can make one to suit.

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Beltorque In-Line Capper

beltorque® BT-IC In-Line Cappers


Standard Features

  • Integrated cap elevator and cap chute

  • Repetitive and stable process

  • Single control for torque adjustment

  • Synchronized technology tightens cap with belts causing no damage to cap

  • No tool, quick changeover, minimum change parts

  • Stainless steel chassis

  • Superior stability of the container during the cap tightening process

  • PLC with HMI interface

  • Quick and simple torque adjustments

  • First station for applying the caps

  • Second station for tightening & torquing of the caps

  • All routine adjustments are scaled with no tools

  • Validation of equipment is simplified

  • Emergency stop button

  • Polycarbonate front guard with interlock

  • Adaptable on 36” high conveyor

  • 1 hp AC motor

  • Runs on round, oval, square and rectangular containers

  • Speeds up to 300 units per minute

Available Options

Beltorque In-Line Capper



  • Cap Inspection with reject system

  • Precision reading of applied torque

  • Conveyor

  • Custom cap capability