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Regardless of your needs, Zalkin can provide you with the suitable capping machine.

None of the machines in the range presented below corresponds exactly to your expectations? Then we can make one to suit.

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Ultra-clean machines

This range of machines helps with the management of an increasing number of fragile products and a more rigorous packaging environment.

These machines integrate the following ultra-clean solutions:

  • elimination of retention zones
  • limitation of greasing zones
  • use of special materials to resist more aggressive cleaning and sterilization products.

Machine with steam injection

Standalone machines and turrets with steam injection can screw metal "Twist Off" caps and plastic caps requiring the use of steam.


These machines have a specific protection against corrosion (stainless steel 314L, PVDF, etc.)


Steam injection is done on three levels:

  • in the chute, to heat the compound (cap internal face) before screw capping
  • on the transfer starwheel in order to keep the caps at the capping temperature during processing (if the machine stops)
  • under heads to fill bottle head space before screw-capping and create a vacuum during cooling of the steam.


The machine is equipped to create, condition and adjust steam: steam table with filter, flow rate adjustment valve, etc.

Linear screw capper

CAPL type


CAPL-type linear cappers respond to a specific request

from certain bottling line manufacturers for

aseptic packaging environments.

The bottles are conveyed in line, step by step.

All bottles engaged in the machine are capped

simultaneously, on 8 to 32 positions, according to the configuration.

They can reach a maximum speed of 30,000 bph

Machines Brushless


Machines equipped with Brushless technology use electronic speed and torque control techniques.
Each screw-capping head is equipped with a servo-motor (constant magnetic, brushless motor) to adapt screw-capping methods to each cap type.


The Brushless technology enables the following:

  • to ensure regular torque
  • to centralize remote torque adjustment
  • to have feedback about the torque applied to each head
  • to ensure traceability about production
  • to manage non-cylindrical caps
  • to decrease plastic and PET particles
  • to minimize greasing points
  • to simplify mechanics

Screw cappers for dosing pumps and triggers


Zalkin cappers can be equipped for cap sorting

and the application of dispenser pumps or vaporizers on various


Zalkin makes multi-format machines for speeds

up to 18,000 bottles/hour.