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Regardless of your needs, Zalkin can provide you with the suitable capping machine.

None of the machines in the range presented below corresponds exactly to your expectations? Then we can make one to suit.

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Screw-capping head


  • Magnetic with chucks or jaws
  • Hysteresis with chucks or jaws
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Sealing head

Adapted for Pilferproof and Stelcap aluminum caps

  • Equipped with 2 thread rollers and 2 skirt rollers
  • A "no cap, no sealing action" system prevents rollers from coming in contact with the bottle ring. If no cap is present, the ring is not damaged.

Brushless head

The Brushless screw capping head is driven by the servo-motor (constant magnetic, brushless motor).

  • Brushless screw capping heads adapt the screw-capping methods to each cap type, notably for non-cylindrical caps.
  • Torque adjustment is centralized remotely, controlled and adjusted electronically


The upper part of the Brushless head is the same on all models.

Only the lower part of the Brushless head is adapted to the cap being processed:

  • lower part with jaws
  • lower part with chucks with cap retaining balls
  • lower part with pick-up block
  • lower part for dispenser pumps
  • lower part for triggers
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Screw & Seal head

VS 100 and VS 150 type



Heads developed for the wine industry: these special heads screw and seal caps in just one operation.

Two models are available depending on machine pitch:

  • VS 150 (for pitches greater than or equal to 150 mm)
  • VS 110 (for pitches greater than or equal to 113 mm)


Main characteristics:

  • Cap picking with jaws
  • Screw capping by magnetic clutch
  • Sealing by means of two arms with skirts

Push-on capping head

Several models are available depending on the caps being processed.


Four different technologies are applied to Zalkin push-on capping heads:

  • Capco capping for cylindrical caps without outer tab, used notably in the spirits industry
  • pick-and-place push-on capping for very flat caps with a tab typical of the food oil industry
  • push-on capping with pick-up block for specifically shaped caps, which are particularly highly valued in the cosmetics industry
  • push-on capping with vacuum picking for complex-shaped caps used in all sorts of industries, and more specifically in the chemicals and pharmaceuticals industries

Decapping head


Two decapping head models are available:

  • DRZ heads, equipped with four arms with mechanical safety "no cap, no jaw action", are adapted to multiple types of aluminum and/or plastic caps, without format parts.
  • Stainless steel B1 heads are equipped with jaws for one type of cap only